There are many benefits to having a beautiful landscape. There are also many benefits of hiring a professional landscape designer to do the job. A landscape designer will ensure your landscape not only looks fantastic, but is also done properly. Improper landscaping can lead to a variety of troubles down the road and cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to correct.

Before we continue, lets understand what landscaping is. Landscaping is the art of changing the natural features of your outdoor property to enhance it’s beauty and features. Landscaping is much more than simply placing plants, trees and shrubs around your home. Producing a good landscape design is not a simple task, it takes knowledge, skill and a creative eye to create a long lasting beautiful design that will change with the seasons. Let’s not forget that good landscaping also increases the value of your property

Because of the various aspects that need to be considered to produce a good landscape design, it is advisable to hire a professional landscape designer to do the job. A professional landscape designer knows the materials, both common and uncommon as well as how to choose the best plants for the job. A good landscape designer will also take into consideration the various seasons and ensure your landscape looks the best all year round.

The most important and most obvious aspect of landscape design is the choice of plants. The abundance of plants to choose from can become overwhelming when faced with the decision of what plants to include in your landscape. Each plant has there own individual needs that need to be taken into consideration. Some plants bloom all summer, while others bloom only in spring or autumn. The height, soil condition, light conditions and other factors must also be taken into consideration.

A professional landscaped designer will know what plants work best in your local climate, with minimal maintenance. They will also know where on your property certain plants will thrive based on light and soil conditions. A skilled landscape designer will be able to do much more then simply place plants around your home. A good designer can also design, patios, ponds, pools, fountains, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and other outdoor amenities.

Another benefit of hiring a professional landscape designer? You can see the complete layout design in advance, and ask as many questions as needed before committing to the design.

When most people think of fall color they think of trees, but what about all the shrubs that provide beautiful fall colors?
Amongst the beautiful display of color changes high in the sky, shrubs provide fall colors along the ground level changing their leaves from vibrant green to warm shades of red, orange and yellow. Here is a list of some of our favorite fall color shrubs.

Fall Color Shrubs

Fall Color Shrubs
Oakleaf Hydrangea – Zones 5-9
A favorite of shaded shrubs, the oakleaf hydrangea provides beautiful white blooms in the summer, then puts on a show with its beautiful burgundy foliage in the fall.
Fall Color Shrubs
Korean Spice Viburnum – Zones 5-9
A great shrub for all seasons, brilliant pink buds produce in the spring, later turning to white with hints of its once pink beginning. When autumn arrives this shrub produces vibrant red leaves that transform into shades of purple.
  • Viburnum – Zones 2-9. While we mentioned Korean Spice Viburnum above, other varieties of this shrub will also produce a beautiful fall show.
  • Chokeberry – Zones 4-9 – This great shrub offers beautiful white flowers ins spring, red fruits in late summer and autumn and beautiful display of red and orange foliage in the fall.
  • Virginia Sweetspire – Zones 5-9 – This easy to grow shrub offers clusters of fragrant white flowers in the summer and a beautiful array of red-purple leaves in the autumn.
  • Smokebush – Zones 5-8 – This shrub offers beautiful purple or gold foliage throughout the summer as well as lovely flowers, in the fall its foliage turns to vibrant shades of orange and pink.
Shrubs for Autumn Color
Fothergilla – Zones 5-8
This shade dwelling shrub offers honey-scented springtime flowers and stunning blue-green foliage throughout the spring and summer. During the autumn beautiful shades of gold and orange emerge.


Benefits of Trees

The benefits of trees cover a variety of aspects of our everyday lives. While many people think of trees as just something to look at, they actually offer us so much more. Below are a list of some of the great benefits trees have to offer.


Health Benefits

  • Trees provide us with oxygen. In one year an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people everyday. A single mature tree produces enough oxygen to keep one man breathing for an entire year.
  • Trees protect our families from harmful ultraviolet rays. Trees reduce UV-B exposure by around 50%, which helps protect our families when spending time outdoors.
  • Trees help us heal. Studies have shown that patients with views of trees from their windows heal faster with less complications.
  • Exposure to trees and nature aids concentration by reducing mental fatigue.


Cost & Property Benefits

  • Trees help cut back our water bills in the summer. The shade provided by a tree slows water evaporation from thirsty lawns.
  • Strategically placed trees around your home can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50%. By planting evergreen trees strategically around your home you can save up to 50% on winter heating cost as the trees will act as a “windbreaker” from cold gusts.
  • Trees can increase the price of your home from 3% to 20% depending on the type, scarcity and maturity of existing trees.
  • Studies have shown that the more trees and landscaping a business district has the more business will increase. Tree-lined streets also slow traffic to allow drivers to enjoy the trees and notice the store fronts instead of flying right by.


Environmental Benefits

  • Trees help keep our air clean, by absorbing pollutant gases and dust from the air. Each season one acre of trees removes approximately 13 tons of dust and gases.
  • Trees help fight the greenhouse effect, by absorbing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), which is a major greenhouse gas. When the trees absorb C)2, they are removing and storing the CO2 while releasing oxygen back into the air.
  • Trees that grow on hillsides of stream slopes help to prevent soil erosion by slowing runoff and holding soil in place.
  • Trees provide a habitat and canopy for wildlife.
  • Trees help prevent water pollution, by reducing runoff by breaking rainfall which allows the water to flow down the trunk and into the earth below the tree. This prevents the storm water from carrying pollutants into our waterways and oceans.


Other Benefits

  • Some trees provide food for not only humans but for wildlife as well. A single apple tree can produce 15-20 bushels of apples a year.
  • A barren neighborhood is more likely to have a higher rate of violence in and out of the home, then those of its greener counterparts.

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Autumn Perennials

The best thing about a perennial garden is you can have flowers in constant bloom throughout the seasons. Autumn perennials are no exception and offer a beautiful variety of colors and shapes. Since fall flowers have all season to grow they tend to be tall and hardy. Here are some of our top picks for autumn perennials.

Autumn Perennials


Autumn Perennials - TickseedCoreopsis
Tickseed Coreopsis


Shasta Daisy
Shasta Daisy




Russian Sage
Perovskia (Russian Sage)







Sweet Autumn Clematis
Sweet Autumn Clematis


Seedum Autumn Joy
Seedum Autumn Joy


Physalis Alkekengi
Physalis Alkekengi


New England Aster
New England Aster




Autumn Blooming Michigan Native Flowers
Black Eyed Susan


This beautiful Grosse Pointe Shores home started off with a simple landscape design, that left the home feeling plain. An abundance of greenery lined the walkways, which created a very monotone appearance. The low lying shrubs brought your eye to the ground taking away from the overall beauty of the home.

Landscape Before & After
An older landscape design leaves this beautiful home looking simple and boring.

Berns Landscape designers came in and created a new look to update this home from front to back.The addition of textures, flowers and color brighten up this one monotone landscape.  Varying heights of shrubs in different textures create a visually appealing landscape. The addition of color breaks up the green and the additional seating in the front creates a calming spot to sit and relax.

Grosse Pointe Shores Landscape Design
The addition of colorful plants and trees liven up this once dull landscape, while the addition of a pond creates a calming focal point in the backyard.

The original focal point of the backyard, was a large rock surrounded by shrubs. Berns designers transformed this area into a koi pond with a cascading waterfall. This natural element creates a peaceful retreat in the backyard, with its visual appeal and the soothing sound of water.


Water features are a great way to transform an outdoor living space into a beautiful outdoor paradise where you can relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Water features are a great focal point for any outdoor landscape design project, they add a natural relaxation element and also attract a variety of birds and butterflies. Whether you want a beautiful water feature to accent the entrance of your home, or a waterfall and pond feature to enhance your backyard, the expert landscape designers at Berns Landscaping are ready to design a water feature just for you.


Michigan Pond Design & Installation
Grosse Pointe – Koi Pond Design & Installation


Michigan Pond & Waterfall Design
A beautiful cascading waterfall flows into a custom designed koi pond.


Michigan Koi Pond Design & Installation
Custom designed koi pond


Michigan Pond Inatallation Services
A custom koi pond and cascading waterfall accent the backyard of a Grosse Pointe, Michigan home.

Interested in adding a water feature to your home? Call the experts at Berns Landscaping Services, Inc. today, (586.756.1145 East / 248.835.3000 West) for a free estimate or fill out our free estimate form online. Our team of experts are here to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.