Here at Berns Landscaping we have specialized in the enhancement and care of beautiful Royal Oak landscaping for 30 years. We are a trusted landscaping company in the Royal Oak community.

We are particularly proud of our organic approach to lawn, tree and shrub care programs in this area. Our organic approach to landscaping is one of the reasons our landscape services are a leading choice of environmentally-conscious homeowners and businesses.

In addition to our organic landscaping services we also offer outstanding hardscape and water-features (patios, ponds, decks, ect.). We have a full up to date modern equipment fleet to handle every Royal Oak Landscaping assignment efficiently.

Royal Oak Landscaping Services

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  • Professional MGIA (Michigan Green Industry Association) award winning designs in landscape and outdoor lighting.
  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Organic lawn fertilization, thatch control & aeration.
  • Irrigation system installation & maintenance
  • Patio, hardscape and walk design and installation
  • Pond design and installation
  • Tree trimming, planting and removal from our ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified staff.
  • Snow and Ice Management
  • Holiday Decor design, installation, removal and storage.


We are confident that once you compare our Royal Oak landscaping services and prices you won’t hesitate to choose Berns Landscaping Services, Inc.

Why is fall the best time for planting?

You have seen and heard it before, that fall is a great time for planting. However, what you may not know is why. We think of fall as the end of the gardening season, plants are loosing leaves, they have stopped growing and are beginning to shut down for the winter. While visually it looks like everything is just shutting down, underneath the ground the root systems are gearing up.

More roots are developed during the fall than any other time of the year. This is the reason it is best to plant during the fall months. When you plant in the fall you are given the newly planted shrubs and trees a head start for the following year. The cooler temperatures create a less stressful situation (for the plants and us) and falls natural rainfall helps keep these new plants hydrated.

Fall is the best time to plant trees, shrubs, lawns, evergreens, perennials, spring bulbs and late season annuals. Fall is also a great time for transplanting for the same reasons it’s a great time to plant.




Michigan Fall Landscape Services

The warm days of summer are coming to an end, as temperatures and leaves both begin to drop. Fall is right around the corner and Berns Landscaping is ready for the change of seasons, with our variety of fall landscape services. Leave the fall clean-ups and leaf removal up to the experts at Berns.

Did you know fall is also a great time for… Michigan Fall Landscape Services

  • Planting Trees & Shrubs
  • Spring Bulb Installation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Deep Root Feedings
  • Fall Garden Bed Preparation

We offer all these services, along with our fall clean ups and weekly leaf removals. Call the experts at Berns Landscaping today. No time to call and chat? Then fill out our online request form and one of our professionals will get back to you at your convenience.

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When it comes to Michigan snow removal services, you never know exactly what snow removal and ice management services you are going to need. During winter you never know what hazards will hit your property on any given day. Heavy snowfalls, gale winds and ice storms, paired with occasional salt shortages can catch even veteran Michigan business and home owners off-guard.

Here at Berns, our staff monitors the weather 24/7 from various locations, physically checking conditions whenever necessary. If safety is your top concern, you can depend on Berns to provide professional, full-service snow and ice management.  Even if there is as little as a half-inch of snow, we clear your walkways, after only 1″ of snow we plow your driveways and parking lots.

Michigan Snow Removal Services
Berns Landscaping is a proud member of the Snow & Ice Management Association.

Ice management is done with great care, to  insure the safety of visitors to your property and  to avoid over-use of de-icers that may harm the  environment. We use pavement temperatures to determine which form of de-icer is the most effective to use for the conditions – granular or liquid.

Then our supervisors inspect your property, checking for slippery conditions and quality of work. If something was missed, we make it right immediately. Our Michigan snow removal services has earned us the loyalty of clients for as long as we’ve been in business – over 25 years.

For more information on our Michigan snow removal services call today and talk with one of our professionals or fill out our online request form and we will get back to you at your convenience.

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Water features are one of the numerous landscape design services we offer here at Berns Landscaping . Below are images of a rocky waterfall that was created in the backyard of a clients home in Grosse Pointe. Visit our landscape design page for more information on our design services.

Grosse Pointe Pond Installation
Beautiful Natural Rocky Waterfall Design & Installation
Grosse Pointe Landscape Design
A view from the top.
Grosse Pointe Landscape Design
A Scenic Waterfall, created in a clients backyard.
Outdoor Lighting - Bloomfield Hills - Birmingham - Royal Oak - Sterling Heights - Clinton Township - Grosse Pointe

Landscape lighting is a very beneficial aspect of home landscaping. Great landscape lighting design, helps to increase both the safety and security of your home. When a house is lighted it helps reduce the risk of a home invasion, it also helps ensure the safety of your family at night by helping to prevent accidents.

In order to ensure quality landscape lighting, the installation and design is best left to professionals. Berns landscaping is an award winning landscape lighting company. We work directly with landscape lighting manufacturers and suppliers to ensure all lighting is installed safely and correctly.

A Bloomfield Hills home before and after front yard lighting design and installation.

Above you can see the effects of having professional landscape lighting installed. Before, the above Bloomfield Hills home was poorly lighted and could of been easily targeted by home intruders. The landscape lighting team at Berns Landscaping, designed a beautiful lighting plan that makes this house illuminate at night, increasing both the safety and security of the home.

For more information on landscape lighting call the experts at Berns landscaping today (586.756.1145 Macomb County | 248.835.3000 Oakland County)or fill out our online request form and one of our professionals will get back to you at your convenience.