Your homes garden is a great way to reflect your personality and create a special space for you and your family to enjoy. Color is a great way to enhance the overall look and feel of your garden. When it comes to gardening and landscape design color is usually the most prominent factor in the design process and the first thing considered. Color draws people in and people know what they like when they see it.

When it comes to color theory there are two different options to consider when thinking about colors for your garden, harmonious and contrasting. Harmonious are colors that are next to each other and share a similar value. Contrasting colors are the complete opposite and do not share any similarities.

One harmonious option would be monochromatic, which would consist of using flowers of one color in a variety of hues and shades. A Monochromatic approach is subtle, sophisticated and minimalistic, the greenery also helps to break up the color. A second harmonious option would be analogous, using colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel. An example of this would be using flowers that are red, yellow and orange closely related colors helps to use a variety without going overboard.

For those of you who want more variety there are also some contrasting options for you to consider. The first option is using complimentary colors which are two colors found opposite on the color wheel (red/green, orange/blue, purple/yellow).  Since complimentary colors share no similar pigments you will get the maximum contrast, if your looking for contrast but don’t want to be too abrupt you could choose one main color and use the second as a filler color. You could also work with 3 equidistant colors (triads) or one color and the two colors on either side of it’s compliment (for example violet with yellow-green and yellow-orange).

Of course for those who want to stand out from the rest you could always go with a polychromatic pallet by using every color. This option can become quite chaotic if not planned out carefully, or absolutely stunning when done right. Whatever colors you want to experiment with, remember to have fun and choose the types of flowers you like.

Don’t forget that colors can also help to set a mood. Do you want a cheerful outdoor space or a calm and relaxing outdoor space? Warmer shades such as orange and yellow will help to create a cheerful outdoor space, fun for the whole family. While cooler shades like blue will help to create a calm and relaxing enviorment.

Need a little help choosing flowers in the colors you like?  Take a look at flowers for your gardens by color – red flowers, orange flowers, yellow flowers, blue flowers, purple flowers, pink flowers.

Spring Crocus

Today we welcome the first day of Spring! Berns Landscaping is anxiously awaiting warmer days to begin helping our clients with all of their Spring Landscaping needs! Spring is the perfect time to start getting your yard in shape for the Warm days of summer. Here at Berns we understand that your front and backyards are an extension of your home and personality. Our expert designers are waiting for your phone calls and e-mails, to help you create a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy for years to come!

Spring Landscaping
Welcome Spring!

Spring Landscaping Services

  • Spring Clean Ups
  • Bed Care, Mulching & Edging
  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Landscape Design
  • Shrub & Tree Trimming
  • Traditional & Organic Fertilization

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Tree pruning is an essential aspect of proper tree maintenance. Here at Berns Landscaping Services, we staff professional full time arborist and climbers to ensure our clients receive the best tree care available.

 Why Hire an Arborist?

Trees, especially mature trees add thousands of dollar of value to a property. A professional arborist can maintain the beauty and the value of the tree for the property owner.

 Why Prune?

Pruning can preserve the health of a tree by eliminating diseases before they have a chance to spread. Pruning preserves the best shape and can promote optimal growth. It can also reduce the potential for damage due to high winds through the proper thinning of a tree’s canopy.

Pruning Young Trees

Pruning young trees insures that they reach the desired shape in maturity. Whether a multi-stem or single stem tree, promoting the proper growth through pruning is essential.

Pruning Mature Trees

The best protection against summer storm damage comes from keeping a tree’s canopy property pruned. This allows strong winds to pass through a canopy rather than pushing the tree similar to a heavy wind hitting a sail on a sail boat forcing the boat to keel over. Pruning mature trees can also increase light penetration to the ground which benefits lawns and gardens growing near or  underneath mature trees.


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