Spring Lawn Care

Spring is the most important time for lawn care. Spring lawn care sets the foundation for the entire season, neglecting your lawn now can mean many troubles ahead. Many home owners struggle year after year to get the lush green lawn they dream of.

This is where the experts at Bern’s Landscaping coming in. Hiring a lawn care company to manage and maintain a lawn can ensure you have a beautiful lush green yard all season long. Can’t afford season long maintenance? Don’t worry, we offer a variety of services to help get your Spring lawn care off on the right track.



  • Lawn Diagnostic Consultation – Don’t know where to start with your lawn this Spring? That is what our lawn diagnostic consultation services are for. This service is perfect for those who have struggled to maintain a lush and healthy green lawn on their own. The reasons for a lawn becoming unhealthy or damaged can depend on a large variety of factors which are often hard to identify. With our lawn diagnostic consultation a certified Berns Landscaping professional will make an onsite appointment to meet with you at your home. During this consultation, we will provide professional advice specific to your lawn care needs on how to improve the current condition of your lawn.
  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance –  Berns Landscaping Services, is an award winning landscape maintenance company. We take pride in all of our customers home as if they were our own. We will mow your lawn at the proper height for your type of grass, making adjustments as needed based on weather. We sharpen our blades on a regular schedule to ensure that grass blades have an even, clean cut, making sure not to damage any of your lawn.
  • Organic & Traditional Fertilization –  We offer both methods of fertilization to our customers. However we recommend our organic fertilization first. We are a proud member of MGIA’s Healthy Lawn Care Program for protecting Michigan lakes, rivers and streams from overuse of fertilizers and pesticides.

While these may be our top Spring lawn care services we also offer a variety of other services. Those services include soil testing, thatch control & aeration, lawn seeding and sod installation and weed, insect and disease management.

All of the above services are offered to our residential and commercial clients. Our expert team is ready to assist you with achieving a healthy and beautiful lawn this Spring. Give us a call today to discuss your Spring lawn care needs or fill out our online request form and one of our experts will call you back at your convenience.

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Oakland & Macomb County Snow Removal

It is official after the last snow that crossed over Metro Detroit this morning, we have finally broken the snow record. The previous snowiest winter recorded was 93.6 inches set in 1880-1881. We only needed 1.9 inches to tie the record, but received 3.1 inches of snow. Our season total is now 94.8 inches making 2013-2014 the snowiest winter ever recorded.

Record Breaking Winter

Hopefully the next record breaking winter will take over 100 more years to get here. A special thank you to our snow team who worked incredibly hard all season long.


Landscape Design Michigan

The grading around your homes foundation is an important part of your landscape. When the grading around your homes foundation is poor, it can cause damage to your homes foundation. When water is left sitting against your homes foundation larger problems will occur, such as flooding in your basement or home itself.

The most important aspect of land grading is to improve the drainage around your home.This is done by a variety of techniques including sloping the land away from the home, constructing retention ponds and diffusing water to reduce erosion are all important things to consider when deciding that land grading needs to be done.

Landscape grading can also be done for the purpose of certain landscape elements, such as driveways and patios. It can also be used when modifying existing land surfaces, such as stairs, slopes, rock walls, embankments and water features. Some of these features may need reinforcement of the existing landscape area. Redirecting water, improving soil and adding large rock can help create stability.



  • Measure & Design
  • Removing Top Soil
  • Soil Excavating (As needed)
  • Rough Grading
  • Irrigation Installation (As needed, during grading projects is a great time to install irrigation).
  • Back Filling Soil
  • Final Grading


There are many things to take into consideration during a project such as this and it is always best to contact an expert for this type of project. City permits may need to be acquired,  and water lines and other utility lines all need to be located before beginning to dig.

Mulching is an important part of any spring landscaping project. Mulch is a protective material that is placed over soil to help retain moisture and improve the overall soil conditions. Not only does mulch offer protection of the soil, it also creates a clean and polished look in any garden bed. When properly applied, mulch is very beneficial to plants, shrubs and trees.

Mulching offers a variety of benefits, it helps the soil retain moisture, which leads to less evaporation of water from the soil. This ensures your plants, shrubs and trees stay hydrated longer and reduces the chance of drying out. It also creates improved aeration, structure and drainage. Another benefit is weed control, a covering of mulch will help slow down and prevent weed germination and growth. This means your plants are sure to get the extra moisture, instead of weeds.

Mulching adds to the overall appeal of your landscaping, providing a well maintained polished look to your landscape. It also improves the overall health of plants by protecting them from specific diseases, all while improving soil fertility. Layers around trees and shrubs can help prevent damage from lawn equipment such as weed whackers and lawn mowers.

Mulching is meant to be a beneficial process and improper mulching can actually cause a variety of problems. Before making a decision, research the different variations and decide what is best for your specific needs. Mulching a garden that is going to house fruits or vegetables will have different needs than landscape with only trees and shrubs.

Berns landscaping has been providing homes and businesses around Metro Detroit for over 30 years. Intereasted in finding our more about or michigan mulch services, give us a call today at  586.756.1145 (Macomb County) or 248.835.3000 (Oakland County). Unable to call? Fill out our online estimate request form, and one of our landscaping professionals will get back to you at your convenience.