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Not familiar with Houzz? It is a useful tool for homeowners looking for both décor ideas and contractors who can tackle everything from interior design projects to landscaping and hardscaping. You can think of Houzz as part Pinterest, part Angie’s List: It allows you to save, categorize and share images that inspire you, while at the same time enabling you to find and research capable contractors that can help make your vision a reality. Instead of spending hours on Pinterest followed by many more hours clicking through search results for qualified landscapers, everything is in one place on Houzz!

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With the arrival of summer here in Michigan, there are a number of landscaping trends emerging for 2015, and we have been documenting them in our Spring and Summer Ideabooks on our new profile! Whether your landscape plan falls under these categories or not, we would be happy to spend some time helping to translate these trends into real designs and projects!

Ultimately, 2015’s landscape trends come down to a desire for Convenience, Environmental Responsibility, and Outdoor Living!

With more technological distractions, a greater interest in the outdoors, and the size of houses decreasing, it is no wonder that these desires are fueling the hottest landscape trends.

These desires overlap in many respects and translate into designs that include:

  • Native Plants: Weather-tolerant plants native to your locale will grow and thrive during multiple seasons without constant maintenance.
  • Edible and “blended” gardens: Mixing edibles (vegetables, herbs and fruits) with ornamental flowers will save space and lower your grocery bill while creating an exciting, conversation-starting yard.


  • Starting Small: The popularity of vertical and container gardens is growing, as those with small yards or patios take a stab at growing their own food.
  • Sustainable landscapes and hardscape materials: Saving water by planting alternatives to water-intensive turf grass is popular, especially in drier parts of the country. Wherever you live, another great option is to opt for more permeable surface area that enables water to penetrate soil and restore groundwater supplies. (Think gravel and mulch as opposed to grouted stone pavers.)
  • Waterscapes: The soothing effect of water makes waterscapes a valuable addition to any yard. Popular designs include small, recirculating waterfalls, rainwater collectors, Zen-inducing Koi ponds and sustainable, low-maintenance ecosystem ponds.

Screen shot 2015-08-03 at 3.03.41 PM

  • Bringing your home outdoors: From pizza ovens to patio heaters, people want to seamlessly transition from living room to the great outdoors. Other popular items include outdoor fireplaces and outdoor furniture that is both waterproof and fade resistant while remaining comfortable and stylish.
  • Landscape lighting: Whether you want to wow your neighbors or host summer socials long into the night, landscape lighting is more achievable and sustainable than ever. There are many options for energy-saving and low-maintenance LED lights, as well as solar-powered lights that soak up the sun’s rays during the day to shine bright at night.
  • Wildlife-conscious landscaping: Previously mentioned features like native plants and waterscapes provide the bonus benefit of attracting and improving the lives of birds, bees and butterflies!

We hope these ideas and trends got your wheels turning and your Houzz profile bursting with new Ideabooks!

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Have you noticed it’s getting darker earlier? Have you considered adding some outdoor lighting to your home? Fall is a great time for a landscape lighting project right as the days begin to become shorter and the nights longer. Landscape lighting not only increases your homes value and curb appeal, but also it’s safety. 

Your home is a large investment for you and your family. Investing in professional landscape lighting can help increase your families safety after sunset.  Take a look at the image below of a Bloomfield Hills home, before and after a professional landscape lighting installation. The home was dark and criminals could of easily hid in the shadows without notice. Once landscape lighting was installed we not only enhanced the lighting of the home but also the natural elements surrounding around it.

Fall Landscape Lighting
A Bloomfield Hills home before and after front yard lighting design and installation.

There are many different uses for landscape lighting and many reasons home owners choose to have professional outdoor lighting installed. Whether your looking out for the safety of your family or added home value, the expert landscape lighting designers at Berns Landscaping can help you achieve a beautiful and safe home  after sunset. For more information on our award winning outdoor lighting design & installation, call us today! (586.756.1145 Macomb County | 248.835.3000 Oakland County) Unable to make a phone call now? Fill out our online request formand one of our professionals will get back to you at your convenience.


Award Winning Michigan Landscape Design
Landscape Design | Property Maintenance Services
Relaxing backyard

When most people think of landscape design they think of the front yard. Most homeowners only think of their front yard when it comes to landscape design and often neglect their backyard. However, most families spend more time in their backyard then they do their front yard. Creating a beautiful backyard landscape is a great way to increase your homes value and get a beautiful outdoor space you and your family can enjoy.

When thinking about a backyard landscaping project consider how you spend your time outdoors. Do you love to entertain friends and family? Do you love relaxing and reading a good book or taking in the nature in your own backyard? Do you spend your days playing with your children? There are a variety of different lifestyles to take into consideration when creating a functional backyard for you and your family.

If you like to entertain guest a well maintained patio or deck should be a focal point of the project. If you have children, skip on the delicate flowers and opt for hardy ground cover and plants that can handle the occasional stray ball landing in them. If you enjoy nature consider using all native plants to attract local wildlife.

Outdoor lighting is another thing to consider when it comes to your backyard. A well lit backyard not only increases security around your home but can also extend an outdoor gathering, without worrying about guest and family getting injured in poor lighting. Outdoor lighting can be used to light decks, patios, walkways, play areas and more.

You can view our portfolio for more backyard landscape ideas.

Berns Landscaping Services, is proud to provide award winning Michigan landscape design services to the metro detroit area. Your home is the largest investment you will make for yourself and your family. Here at Berns, we recognize that and work with our clients to help them design beautiful outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional for their family.

Michigan Landscape Design Services
Michigan Landscape Design Services

Our designers take in account your lifestyle and what realize that your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Do you own pets or have children? Are there allergies in the family? Do you enjoy fall more than summer? What about functionality, what do you do outdoors most often? What time of day are you outdoors most often? There are a wide variety of areas to be addressed when planning a landscape design that go beyond the basics of the landscape itself.

Good landscape design will address a variety of aspects before it is even designed. Once your landscape design project is completed and installed you can expect a wide variety of benefits. Good landscape design will increase your property value, increase living space and enhance the beauty of your home. Your new space will be a reflection of your families personality and style, it will save time and money and decrease your stress levels.

Let the experts at Berns Landscaping Service help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Call our experts today at 586.756.1145 east or 248.835.3000 west,  for a free estimate or fill out our free estimate form online.


Award Winning Landsacpe Design | Michigan Fall Color

Today we thought we would gather up some of our favorite landscape design posts, for a landscape design roundup. Below you will find some of our favorite landscape design projects and tips.

  • Backyard Zen – A look at how our design team turned an overgrown backyard into a beautiful zen retreat.
  • Annual Pot Plantings – A look at some of our favorite seasonal pots for our residential and business customers. Pots are a great way to add some color when garden beds are not an option and also a great way to add height to existing gardens.
Grosse Pointe Landscaping Michigan

It is a known fact that investing in landscaping can increase your homes value. You don’t always need to invest in a full landscape design project to see results either, sometimes landscape renovation and adding a new hardscape element can help.


  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN:  Good landscaping can help you sell your home 6 weeks faster. A 5% investment of your homes value, equals a 150% return on investment.
  • LANDSCAPE RENOVATION: Rearranging existing plants and trees and/or correcting soil drainage problems can also help increase your homes value. This process can increase your homes value by as much as 12%, for example a $150,000 home could be worth $18,000 more.
  • HARDSCAPE DESIGN: Hardscape design is the installation of structural features such as patios, arbors and decks. Investment of a wood deck for example, yields a 77% return on investment. Landscape Design | Property Maintenance Services



  • Landscape Design Consultation: One of our designers will sit down with you to discuss the scope and budget of the project. We will discuss all features such as drip irrigation and hardscape or water features.
  • Property Analysis: Your designer will provide an expert analysis of your property and take all required measurements. We will identify light availability, soil and water and address drainage. Utilities will also be located.
  • Landscape Plan Development: Your designer will begin planning  for integration of new and existing features. We will layout these ideas on a map and take in all of your preferences and ideas.
  • Design Presentation: Once your designer has completed your design a meeting will be held to confirm the landscape design plan. We will discuss the materials we intend to use and confirm the time frame for the project and the budget.


Our expert team is ready to assist you with achieving your landscaping goals this season. Give us a call today to discuss your  landscaping needs or fill out our online request form and one of our experts will call you back at your convenience.


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