Plant Diagnostic Consultation

Professional plant consultation services from Berns Landscaping.

Plant Diagnostic ConsultationHaving problems with your plants?

The professionals at Berns Landscaping recognize that sometimes homeowners have problems obtaining and maintaining  healthy plants. The reasons for plants becoming unhealthy or damaged can depend on a large variety of factors which are often hard to identify. Which is exactly why we offer plant diagnostic consultation services. Our consultation services are here to help those who are having difficulties achieving and maintaining healthy plants in their landscape.

With our plant diagnostic consultation a certified Berns Landscaping professional will make an onsite appointment to meet with you at your home. During this consultation, we will provide professional advice specific to your plant care needs on how to improve the current condition of your plants.

We also offer this service to commercial properties who are having problems maintaining healthy plants.

Plant Diagnostic Consultation $75.00

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a plant diagnostic consultation you can do so by calling Berns Landscaping at 586.756.1145 (Macomb) or 248.835.3000 (Oakland). You can also do so by filling out the form below, once filled out and received a member of the Berns Staff will call you to schedule your appointment.

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