With the most recent wave of storms the Metro Detroit area has seen lots of damage and flooding. Did you know that your homes landscaping could be the cause of your basement flooding? Yes, it is very true. If your landscape is graded improperly and/or you do not have any drainage installed, your landscaping could very well be the culprit of your flooded basement. Not only can improper grading and drainage cause damage to your home, but it can also cause problems to your landscaping.

The biggest cause of flooding for homeowners is the grading around their home. If the grading is not set up to properly run away from your home, all that water ends up sitting against your homes foundation. When water sits against your homes foundation it causes damage to your home and can eventually find it’s way inside leading to extensive interior damage which can be very costly to clean up.

Here are two tips to help prevent water and moisture from building up around your homes foundation. Have mulch around your home? Be sure to leave a 6 inch gap from your homes foundation. Moisture held in the mulch bed can rot siding when left sitting against it for long periods of time. It can touch brick or block but not siding. Gutters should be kept clean and downspouts should extend as far away from your home as you have the room for. If your downspouts release the water to close to your home that water will build back up against your foundation.

The best way to diagnose a grading or drainage problem is to get a little wet, and venture outside when it is raining to see where your problem areas are. If you have noticed that your homes grading and drainage are failing a landscaping project may be just what you need. Most large landscaping projects do take both grading and drainage into consideration. While these projects can be very costly, saving your homes foundation and interior to potential damage is surely more efficient then waiting until something does go wrong.



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The grading around your homes foundation is an important part of your landscape. When the grading around your homes foundation is poor, it can cause damage to your homes foundation. When water is left sitting against your homes foundation larger problems will occur, such as flooding in your basement or home itself.

The most important aspect of land grading is to improve the drainage around your home.This is done by a variety of techniques including sloping the land away from the home, constructing retention ponds and diffusing water to reduce erosion are all important things to consider when deciding that land grading needs to be done.

Landscape grading can also be done for the purpose of certain landscape elements, such as driveways and patios. It can also be used when modifying existing land surfaces, such as stairs, slopes, rock walls, embankments and water features. Some of these features may need reinforcement of the existing landscape area. Redirecting water, improving soil and adding large rock can help create stability.



  • Measure & Design
  • Removing Top Soil
  • Soil Excavating (As needed)
  • Rough Grading
  • Irrigation Installation (As needed, during grading projects is a great time to install irrigation).
  • Back Filling Soil
  • Final Grading


There are many things to take into consideration during a project such as this and it is always best to contact an expert for this type of project. City permits may need to be acquired,  and water lines and other utility lines all need to be located before beginning to dig.