Leaf Removal

Autumn has arrived and as the beautiful fall colors of autumn foliage begins to fall, it is time to begin the process of removing leaves from your yard. Some wonder if there is actually a legitimate reason for all the work involved with removing leaves, or is it simply for aesthetics? Well, leaf removal goes far beyond the curb appeal of your property. Removing fallen leaves is an essential part of landscape maintenance and maintaining a healthy lawn.

The Importance Of Leaf Removal
Leaf removal is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy lawn.

When your lawn becomes buried in layers of leaves, it becomes smothered and is deprived of water, air and nutrients it needs to survive. Without proper leaf removal your lawn will also become a breeding ground for fungi, disease and insects. Additionally, when leaves shade the grass they prevent it from receiving the sunlight it needs to thrive. Sunlight is a necessity for cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass since their prime growing season is during the cooler months. During the fall your lawn absorbs sunlight to store as energy in its roots. While a few scattered leaves on the lawn won’t do much harm, a heavy thick layer will. Leaves left in place over the winter often become compacted and cause extensive damage to your lawn which can lead to increased costs and maintenance in the Spring. Want to leave the fall clean-up work load for someone else? Berns Landscaping Services offers both leaf removal and fall clean-up services. These services help ensure your landscape is clear of debris and fallen leaves are removed, preventing mold and fungus from growing.

Fall Landscape Tips

November is coming to an end and for most of us this will be the last of the outdoor landscaping until next Spring. Here are some end of fall landscape tips to take care of before we encounter our first snowfall.


  • Leaf Clean-up: We have told you multiple times before, rake your leaves! Be sure to get up leaves from your lawn, if you haven’t been keeping up on them now would be a great time to get going! Leaving leaves on the ground through out the winter can lead to mold, disease and a damaged lawn next spring!
  • Fruit Tree Clean-up: Don’t forget to clean up under your fruit trees this month! Remember to remove any debris that might be found under and around them. This includes twigs, leaves and any remaining fruit. Failure to remove these items will make an unwelcome winter home for insects and disease, which could promptly attack your tree next spring!
  • Grading: Check the grading around your home to make sure water is running away from your foundation. Be sure to check this throughout the winter as well, rain and snow can cause erosion and built up water against your homes foundation can cause lots of damage.
  • Tree Care – Have a professional arborist take a look at your trees. Winter storms can bring a lot of damage, heavy  ice, strong winds and other issues can create a big mess. A certified arborist can easily detect which limbs should be removed and which should be trimmed or cabled for extra support.



October is almost here and that means fall is in full swing. The leaves will turn from green to vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. The leaves will begin to fall and the days will grow shorter. This means that the cold days of winter are growing near. Here are some helpful landscaping tips to get you through the fall as we head into the winter.

  • Rake fallen leaves, sticks and other debris as soon as possible to prevent damage to your lawn. However, leaving some of this debris in garden areas will act as a compost through the winter.
  • If you haven’t aerated or fertilized your lawn since earlier in the year, this is essential to do now before it starts getting to cold. Top dressing is also highly recommended, you can find out more about top dressing here.
  • Continue mowing your lawn on schedule, even though lawns slow down in the fall they are still growing and should continue to be mowed.
  • Continue to water plants as needed.
  • If you have any plants that have become more than 50% damaged consider removing & replacing them.
  • Plant spring bulbs now! A general rule we follow is to plant twice the depth of the bulb in the soil. Double check to ensure you are planting the bulb with the root end facing down.
  • While shade trees and deciduous shrubs can be planted up until the ground freezes, we recommend mid-October as a cutoff date for planting ever greens.

Berns Landscaping Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of fall landscaping services including weekly leaf removal, landscape lighting, tree & shrub planting and many more. Call the experts at Berns Landscaping today, for more information on our services and leave the hard work to us! No time to call and chat? Then fill out our online request form and one of our professionals will get back to you at your convenience.


Lawn Fertilization Michigan

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and that means it’s already September! The days are beginning to get shorter, the temperature is cooling down and before we know it our landscapes will be painted with vibrant warm shades of orange, yellow and red! While we stretch out the rest of summer and await the cooler fall days, here are some of our favorite September landscaping tips.

 September Landscaping Tips

  • Shrub & Tree Planting – Fall is a great time to plant and encourages good root development. Planting now allows the plants to establish themselves before spring.
  • Lawn Problems? Now is a great time to sod or spot seed any damaged areas.
  • Lawn Maintenance is most important in September and is the perfect time for Aeration & Fertilization. If you have had problems with grubs, now is also a great time to take control of the situation long term.
  • Continue weeding, failing to continue to weed will cause your weeds to spread and could make next season even worse.
  • Azaleas, Rhododendrons and other flowering spring shrubs should no longer be pruned. These shrubs have already set their buds for the following and year, pruning them now will sacrifice next years spring flowers.
  • If you want to add a touch of fall to your landscape, plant your hardy mums now.


Need help with your landscaping this month? The give us a call today to talk with one of our experts! 586.756.1145 for Macomb County residents or 248.835.3000 for Oakland County residents. Unable to make a phone call now? Fill out our online request form and one of our professionals will get back to you at your convenience.



Grosse Pointe Landscape Design

We can’t believe it is already August! It feels as if we we’re just welcoming in July, and here we are heading into the end of summer. August is typically a maintenance month for landscapers and gardeners, ensuring your landscape is well watered and weed free is essential. Below are a few of our favorite August landscaping tips.

  • Prune or shear your ground cover. Boxwoods, juniper, laurel and other ground cover will have little to no growth for the remainder of the year.
  • Have a tree blocking your view? Now is a good time to prune and thin, as there will be little to no growth for the remainder of the year.
  • Continue to deadhead annuals for more blooms.
  • If you have iris or daylilies growing, August is the best month to divide them. Dividing every 3-5 years is essential, when you do not divide blooming will diminish significantly.
  • Keep an eye on the edges of your lawn. Sections of lawns that border driveways and sidewalks may need more water than open areas, due to the added heat of concrete. If you notice your edges browning make appropriate adjustments to your irrigation system.
  •  Container gardens will require fertilizer this month. One handful of fertilizer is equivalent to one tablespoon. Additionally, containers may require watering twice a day this month during hot and windy conditions.
  • Looking for more colors to carry you into the fall? Plant your fall perennials towards the end of the month.
  • Shrubs require one deep watering once a week this month.




July marks the increase of summer heat and the halfway point for the entire year! Can you believe that 2013 is half way through? We can’t.

 July Landscaping Tips

  • Buds are now forming on your shrubs that will bloom next spring. Don’t prune them now or you will miss the flowers next spring. These plants should be watered 2 to 3 times per week as tree’s and shrubs require less water then the lawn.
  • Spring bulbs have finished blooming and have now dried up. You can take your chances with what will come back up next spring or remove them and store them for summer.
  • Spring perennials are fading away, summer annuals are a great way to add more color into your existing landscape. Placing annuals in pots will give you more variety in where to place the additional color.
  • Water early in the day and later in the evening to prevent water loss. However, watering to close to sunset may cause mold and other diseases to spread at night, which occurs when your lawn doesn’t have the proper time to dry.
  • New growth on your evergreen shrubs and hedges can be sheared back to one inch of the new growth, as we head into summer new needles will come from the new growth.
  • Tree’s and shrubs planted within the past 3 years, need additional watering during dry periods.
  • Remember your container plants dry out more quickly then those planted in the ground and should be watered daily.
  • Remember to remove all Rose leaves that have fallen to the ground below, they can carry and spread fungus.



Summer Landscaping
Summer Landscaping
Summer Landscaping

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