Water features are one of the numerous landscape design services we offer here at Berns Landscaping . Below are images of a rocky waterfall that was created in the backyard of a clients home in Grosse Pointe. Visit our landscape design page for more information on our design services.

Grosse Pointe Pond Installation
Beautiful Natural Rocky Waterfall Design & Installation
Grosse Pointe Landscape Design
A view from the top.
Grosse Pointe Landscape Design
A Scenic Waterfall, created in a clients backyard.

This beautiful Grosse Pointe Shores home started off with a simple landscape design, that left the home feeling plain. An abundance of greenery lined the walkways, which created a very monotone appearance. The low lying shrubs brought your eye to the ground taking away from the overall beauty of the home.

Landscape Before & After
An older landscape design leaves this beautiful home looking simple and boring.

Berns Landscape designers came in and created a new look to update this home from front to back.The addition of textures, flowers and color brighten up this one monotone landscape.  Varying heights of shrubs in different textures create a visually appealing landscape. The addition of color breaks up the green and the additional seating in the front creates a calming spot to sit and relax.

Grosse Pointe Shores Landscape Design
The addition of colorful plants and trees liven up this once dull landscape, while the addition of a pond creates a calming focal point in the backyard.

The original focal point of the backyard, was a large rock surrounded by shrubs. Berns designers transformed this area into a koi pond with a cascading waterfall. This natural element creates a peaceful retreat in the backyard, with its visual appeal and the soothing sound of water.


Water features are a great way to transform an outdoor living space into a beautiful outdoor paradise where you can relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Water features are a great focal point for any outdoor landscape design project, they add a natural relaxation element and also attract a variety of birds and butterflies. Whether you want a beautiful water feature to accent the entrance of your home, or a waterfall and pond feature to enhance your backyard, the expert landscape designers at Berns Landscaping are ready to design a water feature just for you.


Michigan Pond Design & Installation
Grosse Pointe – Koi Pond Design & Installation


Michigan Pond & Waterfall Design
A beautiful cascading waterfall flows into a custom designed koi pond.


Michigan Koi Pond Design & Installation
Custom designed koi pond


Michigan Pond Inatallation Services
A custom koi pond and cascading waterfall accent the backyard of a Grosse Pointe, Michigan home.

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