• ZONES: 5-10
  • LIGHT: Sun
  • PLANT TYPE: Herb, Perennial, Shrub
  • BLOOM TIME: Early – Late Summer


Lavender is a highly fragrant plant that fills summer gardens with beautiful purple toned blooms atop fragrant foilage. Every part of the plant is infused with natural aromatic oils. There are numerous varieties of Lavender, the darker the flowers the more intense the scent. While this plant doesn’t like high humidity, waterlogged soil or poor drainage, the plant itself is heat, wind and drought tolerant.

Lavender offers many different benefits. The plant itself provides fantastic aromatic scents for landscaping and gardening.Β Lavender flowers are calming and relaxing both physically and emotionally.

Essential oils that are extracted from the plant are used for a wide range of therapeutic and health treatments. This multipurpose plant has even been used to create unique flavoring in special culinary dishes.






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