When most people think of fall color they think of trees, but what about all the shrubs that provide beautiful fall colors?
Amongst the beautiful display of color changes high in the sky, shrubs provide fall colors along the ground level changing their leaves from vibrant green to warm shades of red, orange and yellow. Here is a list of some of our favorite fall color shrubs.

Fall Color Shrubs

Fall Color Shrubs

Oakleaf Hydrangea – Zones 5-9
A favorite of shaded shrubs, the oakleaf hydrangea provides beautiful white blooms in the summer, then puts on a show with its beautiful burgundy foliage in the fall.

Fall Color Shrubs

Korean Spice Viburnum – Zones 5-9
A great shrub for all seasons, brilliant pink buds produce in the spring, later turning to white with hints of its once pink beginning. When autumn arrives this shrub produces vibrant red leaves that transform into shades of purple.

  • Viburnum – Zones 2-9. While we mentioned Korean Spice Viburnum above, other varieties of this shrub will also produce a beautiful fall show.
  • Chokeberry – Zones 4-9 – This great shrub offers beautiful white flowers ins spring, red fruits in late summer and autumn and beautiful display of red and orange foliage in the fall.
  • Virginia Sweetspire – Zones 5-9 – This easy to grow shrub offers clusters of fragrant white flowers in the summer and a beautiful array of red-purple leaves in the autumn.
  • Smokebush – Zones 5-8 – This shrub offers beautiful purple or gold foliage throughout the summer as well as lovely flowers, in the fall its foliage turns to vibrant shades of orange and pink.
Shrubs for Autumn Color

Fothergilla – Zones 5-8
This shade dwelling shrub offers honey-scented springtime flowers and stunning blue-green foliage throughout the spring and summer. During the autumn beautiful shades of gold and orange emerge.


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