July marks the increase of summer heat and the halfway point for the entire year! Can you believe that 2013 is half way through? We can’t.

Β July Landscaping Tips

  • Buds are now forming on your shrubs that will bloom next spring. Don’t prune them now or you will miss the flowers next spring. These plants should be watered 2 to 3 times per week as tree’s and shrubs require less water then the lawn.
  • Spring bulbs have finished blooming and have now dried up. You can take your chances with what will come back up next spring or remove them and store them for summer.
  • Spring perennials are fading away, summer annuals are a great way to add more color into your existing landscape. Placing annuals in pots will give you more variety in where to place the additional color.
  • Water early in the day and later in the evening to prevent water loss. However, watering to close to sunset may cause mold and other diseases to spread at night, which occurs when your lawn doesn’t have the proper time to dry.
  • New growth on your evergreen shrubs and hedges can be sheared back to one inch of the new growth, as we head into summer new needles will come from the new growth.
  • Tree’s and shrubs planted within the past 3 years, need additional watering during dry periods.
  • Remember your container plants dry out more quickly then those planted in the ground and should be watered daily.
  • Remember to remove all Rose leaves that have fallen to the ground below, they can carry and spread fungus.



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