The landscape of a building is just as important as the building itself when it comes to curb appeal and first impressions. Landscaping is used to enhance the overall look and feel of a building whether it be a commercial building or residential home.

When landscaping ones home, your landscape not only enhances your home it also reflects who you are. The choices you make in your landscapeΒ  design are a reflection of your personality. Is it welcoming? Engaging? Colorful or neutral? Simple or complex? These are some of the things visitors are going to notice when they first walk up to your home.Β  The same thing applies for a place of business and how guest will view your business upon first arriving.

The choices you make in your landscape are definitely important and both time and effort should be put into deciding what you like. Whether your doing it yourself or working with a professional designer, make sure your choices reflect your personality and what you want visitors to see when they first drive by.

Remember, a well maintained and landscaped home not only gives off a great first impression but it also increases the value of the property.

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