Thanks to the March 2012 heatwave this year, flowering trees across Michigan went into bloom early.  Flowering Cherries and Crabapples started showing thier gorgeous blossoms as early as March and lasted about mid to late April. The below photographs were taken in Mid April across the Metro Detroit area.


Cherry Blossoms

Michigan Spring Trees
Cherry blossoms in bloom.
Cherry blossoms in bloom.


Crabapple Trees

Crabapple blossoms about to bloom.
Vibrant pink crabapple blossoms in bloom.
White crabapple blossoms in full bloom.
White crabapple blossoms in full bloom, swaying in the shade.
White crabapple blossoms on a Spring day in Metro Detroit.
Pink crabapple blossoms, reaching the end of their blooming phase.

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