Top dressing is a process of applying compost, soil and sand over the surface of your lawn. It has been preformed on golf courses since the sport was invented in Scotland, but has only recently become popular on home lawns. For the best results on residential lawns, a top dressing should have a higher content of compost.

Good Soil is living soil. One tablespoon of soil can contain billions of microorganisms. This practice is a way of restoring the balance to home lawns, building good soil and increasing soil flora.

Benefits Of Top Dressing

  • Significantly increases soil water retention.
  • Adds organic matter to soils.
  • Compost top dressings with the right biological components can help reduce lawn diseases.
  • Adding compost helps reduce traffic stress.
  • Compost incorporated into sandy soils helps with water retention.
  • Can help reduce thatch.
  • Neutralizes soil’s pH.
  • With core aeration, it helps change soil structure.

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