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Can You Plant Landscaping in Winter?

Country house with green lawn in background of forest on frosty autumn day. Natural landscape in winter. Beauty of nature concept

Most plants bloom in spring, but that’s not the only time they’re active. There are plenty of plants that bloom all year long, and there are others that can be transplanted when they’re dormant. Read on to learn about planting landscaping in winter. Some Plants Can Be Planted in Winter, But Not All At Berns …

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Snow and Ice Removal Hacks for Winter

Closeup photo of home entrance during the holidays with fresh snow

Worried about the snow this winter? Do you dread the painstaking task of shoveling your driveway? These snow and ice removal hacks can help you conquer the cold with confidence. Use a Leaf Blower for Light Snow If the snow is light and freshly fallen, you can blow it away with a leaf blower. You …

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