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Michigan Tree Removal

Michigan Tree Removal



Tree Removal Services in Warren, MI

Here at Berns Landscaping, we specialize in forestry services including tree removals. Our company is constructed of licensed ISA certified Arborist. While tree removal is a very necessary part of Arboriculture, it is not one of the services that we like to emphasis on.

Tree’s offer a wide variety of benefits to your landscape. Trees clean the air you breathe, provide us with oxygen and can even help save water. While these are just a few of the benefits, it is the most important reason. This is why we only like to remove trees that cannot be saved.

Tree removals are performed on dead and /or dying trees as well as trees that have become hazardous and cannot be saved by any other accepted means. Our professional Arborist can help you decide whether your tree needs to be removed or not. When it is decided that tree removal is necessary, our professionally trained experts will remove your trees safely and efficiently.

Tree removals are the most hazardous aspect of Arboriculture and should only be performed by professionals. Tree’s that need to be removed are often growing near a home, power lines and other confined areas. Tree removal requires proper training and experience to successfully and safely complete the removal. Once removed the trees are usually cut within 3 inches of ground level.

Why hire an Arborist?

An Arborist is trained in tree care maintenance specific for each tree. They will determine the necessary cuts for future growth and the health of each tree – young or old. An Arborist ensures the integrity of the tree is maintained and has the proper equipment for the job. Don’t just hire a tree climber, go to a tree lover! We are Tree People!

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