Should Bushes Be Cut back in the Fall?

The autumn months are approaching, and your bushes may be looking a little scraggly. They've had all spring and summer to bloom, and they may still have excess growth to manage. Should you whip out your pruning shears, or is it better to hold off for a while? Is it bad to cut back bushes [...]

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How to Train Your Dog Not to Dig up Landscaping

Dogs and puppies often have a desire to dig up mulch, dirt, grass and other parts of your landscaping. This leads to more maintenance on your end, and it may hurt the health of your plant material. The good news is, there are some simple tricks you can use to train your dog not to [...]

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How to Rake a Yard Fast

The leaves in autumn are beautiful, but cleaning them up can be a pain. Just when you feel like you've got them under control, a new set comes tumbling down. This guide will show you how to rake a yard fast so you can speed through the not-so-fun parts. Rake the Yard in Rows The [...]

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When to Book Holiday Lighting Installations (NOW!)

The winter holidays might be several months away, but that doesn't mean you should wait to book your lighting installations. Since the timeframe for the holidays is fairly limited, installation spots book up fast. Now is the best time to reserve your place and prepare for your upcoming display. Summer Is the Perfect Time to [...]

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When Should Fall Cleanup Start?

Fall runs from September through December, and it may feel like you're cleaning your yard that entire time. The trick is to plan fall cleanup at the right time so you don't do more work than you need to. Read on to learn when to start fall yard cleanup. Fall Cleanup Usually Starts in October [...]

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